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Sadko Ukraine Trade Co. operates in fashion and luxury retail for 30 years being located in Odesa, Ukraine.

Sadko provides vast range of services to its customers by presenting world-famous best-quality brands in 8 boutiques (Soho Rooms, Egoiste, FACE, Canali, LaBanque, Paul & Shark) and its Internet store -

The company carries apparel lines of Women's RTW, Women Shoes & Accessories, Men's RTW (Fashion and Formal), Men's Shoes & Accessories, as well as High jewelry. Sadko strives for growing sustainable and long lasting relationships as a brands' ambassador in local market, working successfully for many years with the following brands: Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Chaumet, Maison Margiela, Dries van Noten, Jacquemus, Stella McCartney, Ermenegildo Zegna, Zilli, etc.


SohoRooms boutique followed as fashion space carrying both fashion menswear & womenswear, as well as footwear and leather goods.
Employeer 1

Iuliia Vasylchenko

Director of the SOHOROOMS boutique

Iuliia Vasylchenko, the Director of the SOHOROOMS boutique, has been a part of the Sadko group for more than 17 years. Yuliia has extensive experience elevating the company's image and possesses exquisite taste and expert skills in styling personalized selections. Yuliia is directly involved in creating a brand lineup and marketing strategy for the store based on her personal experience, observation, and the preferences of our clients.

FACE is the newest addition to the Sadko family, opened in 2019, born out of the emerging interest of Ukrainian young adults in more sustainable and approachable high fashion.
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Mykhailo Litvinov

Head of the FACE space

Mykhailo Litvinov, the head of the FACE space. The chain's youngest and most ambitious director possesses impressive skills in trend observation, has an analytical approach to the business, and exudes a unique taste in fashion. Mykhailo is an expert in the street and modern fashion department, as she follows all currents and trends, applying her experience in buying campaigns for the FACE space.

Canali boutique was created as an extension of the company’s formal menswear department in 2007 and has been proudly and successfully representing and popularizing the brand across the whole of Ukraine.
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Ganna Khimchenko

Director of Canali boutique

Anna Khimchenko, the Director of Canali boutique, has more than 15 years of working experience within the formal sartorial world. Anna has an excellent feeling of style and understanding of formal male fashion, which allows her to bring to life the client's image of himself with ease. She develops the selection of Canali store based on her own years-long experience, as well as the ability to predict the trends and the desires of customers ahead of time.

Egoiste has been a staple of Odessa's luxury formal menswear since its inception in 1994. Carefully curated selections, top-notch personalized service, and a diverse lineup of brands established the store as the primary destination for the male clientele.
Employeer 1

Yuliia Bakaieva

Head of the Egoiste store

Yuliia Bakaeva, the head of the Egoiste store, has been a part of the Sadko group for more than ten years and is an expert in the formal department. Yuliia participated in the construction and creation of a diverse selection of brands for the boutique and was one of the crucial elements in the formation of the Egoiste boutique as a countrywide leader in men's formal wear.

La Banque, representing the utmost luxury segment of the company since 1999, like many others within the group, went through multiple transformations to become one of the biggest high jewelry and watch distributors in the region.
Employeer 1

Sergey Bazyuk

Head of the La Banque boutique

Sergey Bazyuk, the head of the La Banque boutique - has been a part of the Sadko group for ten years and has knowledge and experience in the luxury segment of more than two decades. Sergey has a fine sense of taste that reflects in the flawless selection that is offered in La Banque boutique. As an expert in high jewelry and watch retail, he uses his personal experience to create an ideal offer for the boutique's customers and is an integral part in shaping the image of La Banque within the region.
ABOUT ONLINE STORE is a multi-brand luxury online store that offers the latest collections of designer clothes, shoes and accessories from world famous designers. Our prices and service standards correspond to the leading European online stores of luxury segment.

We stay with you always and everywhere: whether it's your usual working day in an elegant suit from Stella McCartney, a party with friends, for which jeans from Isabel Marant and a T-shirt from Vetements are ideal, or a social event where you will be the center of attention thanks to an evening dress from Maison Margiela or a classic men's suit from Canali. For your chosen image we can always offer you the best Italian shoes from Brioni and Golden Goose and you can always complement it with stylish accessories from Jacquemus and Alexander Wang.



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