The first boutique of our chain, which is still in existence today, was the first store in Odessa that brought branded men's and womenswear clothing and accessories in both formal and casual styles.

Futuris / Nike

Opening the first of 6 shops in the Futuris chain that focused on sportswear, which later was sold when the company refocused on the luxury segment.

Egoiste Donna

The opening of the conceptual women's Egoiste focused on formal wear for businesswomen.

Egoiste Jeans

Freestanding new Egoiste iteration, where we started selling casual branded clothing for the younger generation.

La Banque

Opening of La Banque shop on Katerininska 22, a historic place that was solely focused on watches and accessories with brands like Cartier, Montblanc, Jaeger LeCoultre, and IWC.


Opening of the shop at Katerininska 30. While Egoiste remained exclusively a men's shop, Soho began to fill up with luxury brands that conveyed femininity and independence with brands like YSL, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Prada Sport etc.


The opening of the young and energetic Elysium, which carried the fashion of the early 2000s in the luxury segment.

Canali / Vendome

Opening of Canali mono boutique. Earlier Canali was presented in Egoiste, and since 2007 we became the first official distributors of Canali in Ukraine.

Opening of Vendome jewelry boutique in the very center of Odessa, where such brands as Chaumet, Boucheron, Roberto Coin etc. were presented.

La Banque Renovation

Complete renovation and expansion of La Banque boutique and unification of jewellery, watches and luxury accessories in one place.

Egoiste Renovation

A major renovation and refinement of the brand mix was carried out in 2010. Since then, Egoiste has been selling not only suits, which were very much in demand at the time, but also more casual wear.


Sohorooms not only moves into its (current) space, but also expands into three full-fledged areas: womenswear, menswear and shoes/accessories.


Our company is one of the first in the market to start selling the luxury segment online.


On March 28, 2020 a new project of the SADKO chain - FACE space, was opened. It's a new format of luxury, a concentration of the hottest streetwear and fashion brands in the heart of the historic part of the city. FACE embodies an unconventional view of fashion, a little rebellion among conservatism, and a wide open window in a stuffy room. FACE is the new face of mainstream fashion.

Sohorooms Renovation

The rebranded Soho Rooms space reopened in April 2021 with reviewed location, new accents, and an Open Space concept. The reopening of the space also marked the addition of new brands and structural revision to accommodate the future corner organization.


In 2022 Sadko Ukraine Trade Co. (Odesa, Ukraine) celebrated its 30 years in the luxury retail business. The group has made its name by providing a wide variety of products from Ready To Wear to High Jewelry. Sadko provides its customers with a vast range of services by offering world-famous high-quality brands in our boutiques (SohoRooms, Egoiste, Face, Canali, LaBanque, and Sohorooms.ua).


SADKO consists of more than 80 employees in total. As a large organization with a vertical management structure, we still consistently strive to provide an individualized approach to each employee and provide them with a safe space to grow and develop in their respective verticals. As a company that blends and blurs the lines betweencreativity and business, we aim to empower enthusiasmand pride within our work environment that excelsemployees' involvement and engagement. Sadko givesindividuals authority and responsibility for their work tobuild trust within the environment.


With the dominating aspect of the business being women'sready-to-wear and accessories, Sadko remains a local leaderin menswear and jewelry distribution. With La Banque beingthe only boutique in the southern Ukraine region focusedon branded jewelry and watch distribution with its exclusivespace in the city center of the southern capital, and Egoisteand Canali boutiques being the most recognizable namesfor formal and casual menswear in the region.


Additionally, Sadko has started multiple initiatives, both for-and non-profit. By opening business brunches in the US,delving into self-production, and breaking into the world ofcharity foundations, we are sure to be able to reinforce theexisting foundation of the company, which will allow us tokickstart a new round of development with a conclusion ofthe war.