At the beginning of 2020, after seeing the evergrowing social effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we made a conscious effort to streamline the working process within the company. The path started with an expansion of our Human Resources Department team, which is now fully in charge of continuously reviewing and optimizing all business processes within the structure. Now, such divisions as the Commercial Department, the Financial Department, and the Logistics department are under the evaluation and restructuration of the internal functionality, effectiveness, and workload of employees and departments alike. Consequently, the higher-valued tasks & KPI motivation system of the company were overhauled. The Brand Management structure was fully reoriented towards the division into three tenors: Fashion, Formal, and Luxury, with at least two dedicated positions, Junior and Senior, for each. Finally, for the moment, structure change was done within the e-commerce division completed with an entirely new team, which already shows an increase of 20% in sales even during these trying times.



February 24, 2022. The day when our country became an unwilling participant in the terrible and ruthless military aggression by the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the whole of Ukraine lives at a time when the newest history is being written, and while we cannot turn back time, we can go forward to our shared and unconditional goal - victory and peace. SADKO took part in the fight on the economic front of our country; we supported our employees and continued our work through the toughest and most uncertain of times; we also recognized that only together we could bring the day of freedom closer. Together with the charitable foundation "New World Odesa," we developed merchandise, all proceeds from which will be sent to help the military of the southern region with all the first need necessities. All employees of SADKO took an active part in developing this charity initiative. After all, everyone feels the urgent need to help and be helpful. We support our collaboration with CF "New World Odesa" and all of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!


NEW SPACE: Reformatting the Classics

The rebranded Soho Rooms space reopened in April 2021 with reviewed location, new accents, and an Open Space concept. The reopening of the space also marked the addition of new brands and structural revision to accommodate the future corner organization. The open space concept gave more opportunities to get better acquainted with the represented brands and their assortment range and an ability to try out marketing decisions with the temporary corner structure. Under the guidance of the European architects, the logistics of the shopping route were designed with the shopping experience in mind allowing clients to assemble the image gradually, looking through the closet elements. The store received more contrasting combinations in the design of wood and natural stone coverings, glass and chrome surfaces of the windows. All elements advantageously emphasize the diversity of brands leaving the main emphasis on the collections.



On March 28, 2020 a new project of the SADKO chain - FACE space, was opened. It's a new format of luxury, a concentration of the hottest streetwear and fashion brands in the heart of the historic part of the city. ⠀ The space is designed to look cosmic - chrome ceiling, streamlined silver columns, and animated showcases, but the main and central element of the store is a volumetric face from floor to ceiling. VETEMENTS, OFF-WHITE, ALEXANDER WANG, PALM ANGELS, MISBHV, and many others pop out within the minimalistic and photogenic interior. In a matter of days, FACE became the center of attention for the fashionable crowd of Odesa, despite the space opening during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown. The opening occurred online, which did not prevent the store from gaining its fans. During the lockdown, the store operated in a 'take away' format, which became a kind of chick and a distinctive feature of the space. FACE embodies an unconventional view of fashion, a little rebellion among conservatism, and a wide open window in a stuffy room. FACE is the new face of mainstream fashion.